Health Minister Lucas Calls for Greater Measures to Tackle Obesity

The Health Minister of Queensland, Paul Lucas has announced a war on the ingredients that come along with fast food menus. Mr. Lucas has called for the development of a nationwide plan to reduce the quantity of energy, fat and sugar in food items being served at fast food joints.

A ministerial Council will be presented the proposal by the Health Minister in a meeting that would be held in Adelaide today. In a hope to garner more support for his proposal, Mr. Lucas has informed that he believed the proposals by him would help in tackling the growing problem of obesity among Australians.

Mr. Lucas, has requested other Health Ministers in the country to support another proposal by him, which would mean that menu boards at hotels and restaurants would have to print nutritional information of food in the menu as well.

While talking about the number of people affected by the unhealthy foods being served in Australia, Mr. Lucas stated that there were 1.6 billion meals that were sold at fast food outlets across Australia in a single year, which meant that on an average 4.5 million Australians were visiting one every day.

Mr. Lucas stated that in the year 1980, merely 8% of the population was obese. However, the number of people currently affected by obesity is 25%, with diabetes being an epidemic as well.