Human Minds Daydreaming Half the Times

A recent study has found that our mind tend to wander almost half the time when we are awake. Apart from stating that our daydreams preoccupy our minds half of the day, the study also suggested that daydreaming can in fact make us feel bad about ourselves.

The study was conducted by researchers at the Harvard University, who found that our minds tend to be daydreaming 46.9% of the time in a day. The numbers of participants involved in the study were estimated to be around 2,000.

In the study, participants relayed their feelings and what they were doing through messages, they would text researchers, if they happened to wander and also tell them if they felt happy or sad.

One of the Authors, Matthew Killingsworth stated that the study showed that our minds were occupied with what is not present to a great extent.

Though it is conventionally believed that daydreams happen to relax our minds and make us feel better, it was found in the study that people after daydreaming felt miserable and sad. It was also found in the study that the brain did not wander and is fully focused, only when making love.