Clinic pays Compensation for Deadly Overdose

Birmingham's Heartlands Hospital has paid damage compensation of £100,000 to a widow, after medical employees caused the death of her husband by giving him a lethal overdose.

The victim Mr. Paul Richards accidentally got administered a five times higher amount of the substance fungicide Amphotericin.

His wife Mrs. Lisa Richards-Everton now got compensated with a reduced sum by the Civil Justice Centre, as her husband’s life expectancy has been lowered through his sincere disease. The man has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma before he passed away from the consequences of the incorrect treatment.

The 35-year-old Richards represents one victim out of two who died in 2007 from a deadly overdose of the same drug in the same clinic.

The widow said: “No amount of money can ever give me and my children the wonderful husband and father we had. No words can ever express our loss. There is a massive gap in mine and our children's lives that can never be filled. What we are going through will be with us for life and no amount of money can ever change that”.

The widow and the teenage son of the murdered have been witnessing the last hours before the man died from the overdose.