Google forces Australian entrepreneur to change his site’s name

Australian entrepreneur Cameron Collie has agreed to change the name of his alcohol price comparison website from Groggle to Drinkle, putting an end to six-month legal battle with Google.

Groggle was created with an intension to provide Australians with a platform to find the best-prices alcohol or grog in their local area. But, Internet search giant Google raised objections when the Australian entrepreneur tried to trademark the name.

Mr. Collie finally bowed to pressure from the side of Google and hit an agreement with the internet search giant, but he declined to reveal the details of the agreement.

Commenting on the settlement, Mr. Collie said, "I can't kind of get into the specifics because we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (with Google). But essentially the settlement - the end result of the settlement - is us changing our name."

He further said that the name `Groggle' would not have created any confusion in the market.

Mr. Collie said the legal proceedings had delayed his site's launch. He added that he saw the change in name as a pointless step. He expected the new Drinkle site to be ready by early next year.