Flu Shots to Employees Could Help Employers Saving Big

A new study that came out on Tuesday has revealed that an employer can save thousands of Dollars, if its each employee gets vaccinated against flu.

The study was led by Rachel Bailey of the University of Pittsburgh and the findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association. In the research the cost of immunizing an employee against flu was assessed, along with the evaluation of costs associated with absenteeism and lost productivity, if an employee has flu.

It was found that by providing flu vaccination to an employee, an employer can save $63 to $95 per person and if a Company with 150 workers is immunized against flu, the employer can incur savings between $9,450 and $14,250. So, the research has recommended employers to hold a flu clinic as early as possible during the onset of flu season. It could help saving an employer $33.94 to $700.69 per immunized worker.

"Employers may view employee vaccination as a short-term expense but may not be fully aware of the savings that result later into the influenza season", said Bailey.

If the employers don’t want to bear the burden of initiating a flu clinic, then they can also access to the Citi’s scheme of a prepaid flu care card, which can be used by employees at any of 17,000 pharmacies or clinics across the country to get immunized against flu. The charges of the card will be accounted to the employer.