Daughter Day Observed on the Last Day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The local Carvel store was colored with pink as a part of the breast cancer awareness day coined as “Daughter Day”. The store on McBride Avenue was responsible for holding the day, as the owner Irene Macones was a survivor herself and wanted, young women to be more aware about the condition.

While talking about her tryst with breast cancer, Ms. Macones feels that, if she had been careful since her younger days, she might not have had to undergo a mastectomy more than a decade ago. The event was tied with the National Breast Awareness Cancer Month that is observed in the month of October on a yearly basis.

While talking about breast cancer awareness, Ms. Macones felt that it is important for women to know the significance of early detection. She added that the money, which would be raised from the event, would be directed towards a charity supporting breast cancer care or research programs.

Carvel and other enterprises on the Madison Avenue, were ball to the event, as everyone was offering something in pink, from pizzas to bagels and even ice cream, the list was endless. While talking about the reason behind holding the event on the last day of the month, Ms. Macones stated that it was held on the 31st of October because even though it was the last day, the spirit of awareness should not be lost.