Little Boy died after Incorrect Diagnosis

After medical experts misdiagnosed a boy’s appendix condition at Southampton General Hospital, the six-year-old child passed away in December last year.

The family of Jesse, the dead boy, turned to several doctors after their son complained about severe stomach issues. Two of the doctors diagnosed him with a stomach bug and advised his parents to treat him with over-the-counter medication.

The mother of the boy, Mrs. Jones even took her son to the hospital due to severe concerns about his aggravating condition. The hospital staff made another incorrect diagnosis and sent Jesse home, with assumed constipation issues and a laxative as treatment.

The responsible doctor for this incorrect decision, Dr William Millar-Craig, points out: "There were no indicators at that time to suggest a serious illness”.

Nevertheless the boy’s condition worsened again and after he got hospitalized once more, he passed away in intensive care. Only post-mortem, the child’s condition could be revealed in an examination. The death cause has been a peritonitis brought about by severe appendicitis.

The mother articulates in a hearing: “I am left wondering whether Jesse's death could have been prevented if more medical attention could have been taken on one of the previous occasions”.

A spokesperson of the hospital now expresses words of apology to the boy’s relatives and admitted that the practicing doctor at the night of Jesse’s hospitalization should have acted on the boy’s condition with more efficient treatments such as antibiotics.