The Marks & Spencer 'Evolution'

Having unveiled the three-year blueprint for the retailer, Marc Bolland is said to have outlined a plan to steer Marks & Spencer out of the path of the big supermarket groups yesterday.

Marc Bolland has taken over as the Chief Executive in May. He is said to have delivered his vision for the restoring of the M&S to greatness in rigorous detail, focusing on improving the core British business.

As per the Head of a presidential commission that is investigating the disaster, BP is said to have augmented the risk of the blowout on its doomed Macondo well by making some rushed and confused decisions in the final hours before the April 20 accident.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is said to have made a prediction yesterday saying that it was likely that the oil prices would rise beyond $200 a barrel as global supplies, driven by the rising demand from China, India and other emerging economies, near their peak in 2035.

Alexandre Harfouche, a London-based Managing Director, as said by people had failed to make proper disclosures to the bank’s compliance department as a result of which he had been sacked.

A spokesman for BGC said "BGC's proprietary information technology is the foundation on which our business is built. We believe by stealing our technology instead of building its own, Tullett benefited to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars at our expense”.