Massachusetts Calls for Vaccination

With the emergence of first three cases of flu in Massachusetts, the state Department of Public Health is reported to have introduced its Flu Facts report, aiming to present weekly updates on the volume of flu-like illnesses through the end of flu season in May.

The state is ensuring the flu vaccine is readily available this year compared to previous years, according to the state.

The vaccine is a one shot vaccine, which does not feel the need of taking a separate H1N1 flu shot. This year's vaccine aims to deliver a shield against all three major strains of flu circulating this season, including H1N1.

The CDC has urged immediate vaccination for those of 6 months and older, even if they had already taken a seasonal flu vaccine or a 2009 H1N1 vaccine last season.

Health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta are aimed to eradicate hurdles to flu immunization so that more people can be shielded against the dangers of flu.

Recent figures claim that over 52 % of the state's population was engulfed by the seasonal flu last year, with over 62 % as children and 48 percent adults. However, the witnessed over the 60 % of children and 37 % of adults hit by the disease last year.