Canada: Special MS Treatment has to wait for Approval

The Quebec College of Physicians warns patients suffering from multiple sclerosis to leave Canada in order to receive the alternative treatment of Doctor Paolo Zamboni abroad.

No Canadian doctor should treat multiple sclerosis patients with the in Italy invented treatment that operates by widening neck veins to accelerate blood circulation. The physicians underline that the current status quo does not give evidence on the effectiveness and potential side effects of the treatment method.

Canadian officials such as Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and federal Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan initiated research and tests on the controversial treatment method in order to gain evidence on its value.

Researchers are currently debating if blocked veins of the neck stand in correlation with the disease outbreak. Research indicates that healthy test subjects also show conditioned veins.

Dr. Zamboni's ideas on how to treat the disease has been widely published all over Canada and on a visit to the country this year, the medical expert himself recommends to wait for official approve before receiving it.

Although footage from all over the world seems to prove that the treatment has been successfully applied, scientific research needs to confirm. Vice-president of research and academic at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, Ian Rodger, underlines: "I personally think the wait-and-see [approach] is correct."