Future of Milton Ulladulla Dental Clinic Uncertain

The ongoing lack of communication between the Health and Education Department would come up in the State Parliament this week, as the Health Minister of New South Wales would have to explain the course of action regarding the Milton Ulladulla dental health clinic.

At the current point of time, the dental clinic is located on the premises of Ulladulla High School, which is bound to undergo renovation in near future. The dental clinic in all probability would be demolished by the Education Department for construction of a hall for the school, which would come up on the same location.

Though the Education Department has announced demolition of the dental clinic, the Health Department has stated that it was in the dark about the development and had not been formally informed by the Education department. While replying to the question, a Spokeswoman for the South East Sydney Illawarra Area health Service has asserted that the clinic will continue to function from its current location.

Talking about the current state of affairs, the Liberal Member for South Coast, Ms. Hancock has expressed concern about the situation, as both the students and the staff have undergone a lot of stress because of the current situation. She further stated that the construction of a new hall was a necessity for the school, even though the clinic is just as important for local dental care in the area.

She has asked for a proper plan by the Government to resolve the current situation, as things have reached loggerheads and the relocation of the clinic was certain.