Huge Success of Bunbury Relay for Life

The annual Bunbury Relay for Life, an event that yearly takes place in many countries all over the world, again represents a big success, dragging thousands of participants on the road and breaking fundraising records.

A sum of $330,000 can this year be contributed to the Cancer Council after this weekend's 24-hour Relay. Seventy registered teams, engaged in fundraising over the last 11 months, took part in the final event.

The Relay for Life has been initiated in the US in order to raise awareness for cancer victims and collect money for research on treatment methods. The entertaining, charity event finds not only heavy support by its participants but increasing audience interests who watch the spectacle live.

Chair of the Organizing Committee, Russell Donovan, proudly points out: "It looked fantastic, and I suggest 500 people not involved directly with Relay were there. It has become an event which is becoming associated with Bunbury".

The winning team that raised the highest sum for cancer researcher this year is Summit Stars, contributing an amount of $50,125.

Although organizers debate on planning the event only every two years, in order to maintain its attraction, already twelve new teams have registered for next year's Relay.