Bill Gates for Health Diagnosis Using Mobile Phones

Cheap diagnostic tools to check the health of patients can help improve the health of people, globally. Talking about the subject on Tuesday, the Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates stated that apart from diagnostic tools, other tools like patient reminders and making immunization plans can go a long way in insuring the good health of a person.

Talking about mobile phones, Mr. Gates felt that the little devices could be used for a lot of interesting purposes. Mr. Gates was addressing a congregation at the mHealth Summit, which is a conference of Companies and public and private sector groups from the mobile phone and health industry.

The man, who had stepped down from his day-to-day duties towards Microsoft, two years ago, stated that the array of opportunities were immense and one had to grab hold of the right chance at the right time. However, he did further add that the whole subject needed to be approached a lot more calculatedly and sensitively, as the whole world did not have access to the same facilities, as the US or any other developed nation did.

He further vouched that mobile technology could definitely play a vital role in improving the global health scenario. However, it would require a lot of hard work and dedication.

Apart from Bill Gates, other keynote speakers at the conference included Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer, White House, Ted Turner, Chairman, UN Foundation and Judith Robin, President, Rockefeller Foundation.