Speaking More than Two Languages can Delay Alzheimer’s

Canadian scientists, while talking about the Alzheimer's disease have stated that the onset of the disease can be delayed by a period of five years if the affected person happens to know two languages. The claims have been made by the scientists at the Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute, which showed the data in relation to 211 patients, who had been diagnosed with the Alzheimer's disease.

It was found after a proper examination of the data that those people, who used to speak two languages, faced delays as long as five years, for the symptoms of Alzheimer's to kick in. The study, with the claims regarding the delay of the disease has been published in the journal Neurology.

While talking about the study, the Lead Author Fergus Craik has stated that the research work did not claim that bilingualism can prevent the onset of the disease. However, he said that the research has pointed out that bilingualism does add to the cognitive abilities of the brain, which happens to delay the onset of the disease.

However, despite the bilingualism, the people suffering from Alzheimer still faced mental problems like confusion, memory loss and difficulties, while resolving a logical problem.