Death due to Cholera in Haitian Capital Raises Concern

The concerns regarding the spread of cholera pandemic in Port-au-Prince aggravated with the first death case associated with the disease confirmed in the Haitian capital.

The deaths due to cholera have been reported from rural communities living near the Artibonite River and its tributaries, where the number has risen to around 600, but no case had been found in the capital.

Cholera is prevalent majorly in the slums and temporary camps being set up around the populated city. Such vulnerable areas are being perambulated by the aid groups and the people are being advised to wash their hands adequately and they are also distributing soap, chlorine and water purification tablets.

Those showing the symptoms of the disease such as vomiting and diarrhea are being given treatment. If appropriate health care is not received, one can give up life in four to six hours, as told by aid worker Dr. Anany Prospero.

Matt Cochrane, a worker for the International Red Cross in Port-au-Prince expresses that the capital has five cholera treatment clinics at presently, which will be increased to 10.

He said, "We know we'll be able to set up a full cholera treatment centre within a few days once we have the green light from authorities and other organizations".