IEEP warns against proposed increase of biofuels

More use of biofuels could result into acceleration of global warming and reduction of land area under food crops, the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) warned.

European Union has an aim to meet 10 per cent of transport fuel demand from biofuels by the year of 2020. But, the think tank said that the decision would convert natural habitats into large fields of biofuel crops.

The report said that increase in the demand for biofuels would result into use of between 4.1 and 6.9 million hectares of indirect land use change. The estimated area is equivalent to just larger than Belgium and to just under to that of Ireland.

The aim will lead to additional CO2 emissions in the range of 27 million to 56 million tones. The estimated figure is equivalent to bringing around 26 million more cars on the road.

Commenting on the issue, a spokesman for ActionAid said, "This displacement of farming activity will cause loss of wildlife habitats, and carbon dioxide emissions - as well as increasing food prices, hitting some of the world's poorest people hardest."

The think tank also warned that proposed plans would bring trees, wetlands and a broad range of species to the brink of danger.