Greece paid more yield at Auction

On Tuesday Greece had paid more yield than the previous month for selling lower amount of the 26-week T-bills.

Jan von Gerich, senior analyst at Nordea in Helsinki said, "The most recent jitters in the euro government bond market have pushed the likely re-entry point of Greece to the bond market further into the future."

Greece has exchanged severe austerity measures with $153.15 billion bailout package in a month of May and had also offered _300 million of the T-bills while it sold _390 million, which also includes 30 percent of the noncompetitive tranche.

The Greek Public Debt Management Agency has paid a uniform return of 4.82 percent which is more than the previous month of 4.54 percent. The bid-to-cover ratio came in at 5.15 which is far more than previous month's 4.22.

Currently, the yield is just 5 percent short than the loans which the country is paying.

The Irish bonds failed to stop its downfall even on the 11th day.

Greek 10-year bond returns just changed a little as they slipped from 11.53 percent to 11.51 percent.

Portugal is planning to sell 1.25 billion euros of debt which are maturing in 2016 and 2020 on Nov. 10.

Bloomberg and the European Federation of Financial Analysts Society's indexes reveal that German bonds have yielded 8.7 percent in the current year while U. S. Treasuries had gained 8.9 percent.