Obama receives criticism on US policy

Unbalanced global economic condition will be one of the major topics of discussion during G20 summit being held in Korea this week.

Yesterday Zhu Guangyao, China's deputy-finance minister said, the US "is not recognising the responsibility it should take as a reserve currency issuer, and not taking into account the effect of this excessive liquidity on emerging-market economies".

US also received the criticism from Germany as its finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, called the US policy as clueless.

Barack Obama during his visit to India claimed that the stimulus package will help US to improve its growth rate which in turn will help in reviving the growth rate of the whole world

There are wide rumors that Obama's daily expenditure is as much as $200m a day during his visit to subcontinent and Palin's participation in the debate is certain to add some friction between both of them back home.

The Federal Reserve official claimed that the central bank is in a process to buy about $110 billion a month in Treasury securities for the next 8 months, which is almost $75 billion per month more than what it has been buying previously.

Al Gonzalez, a Durham, North Carolina, financial advisor with TIAA-CREF said that long term bonds which have been going good are at more risk when the interest rates started shooting up.

Lipper, a unit of Thomson Reuters reported that since last three years heavy stock mutual funds have lost 6.72 percent though intermediate investment grade bond funds have registered gain of 6.62 percent till October 31.