First-Class Stamps by Royal Mail to Experience the Sharpest Increase in Prices

The British post regulator announced the biggest ever hike in the price of the first class postal stamp, since its inception. According to the information available, the hike in the price of the stamp would be by a drastic 5p, which means that the price for the stamp would reach 46p.

The new move has been sighted as an extra tax, which is being levied on the public and has received immense criticism by people, who are already burdened under a punishing tax regimen. The move will be implemented next year, in the month of April, when the Royal Mail would be allowed to price its services, according to its convenience, rather than seeking permission from the authorities.

Apart from increasing the prices of stamps, it has also been reported that the packages that go through Royal Mail would witness an increase in the month of April, next year. However, the increase in prices would be applied on products, which weigh more than 500gms.

The point of time, when the price hike has been introduced would definitely worry people, as Britons were already awaiting a less than extravagant Christmas because of the hike in taxes, like VAT rates and the spending cuts, which would render many unemployed.