Breastfeeding won’t make you Lose Out on Sleep

The previously believed notion that women, who breastfeed their newborn tend to lose out on their sleep has been proved false in a recently conducted study. In fact, it has been found that both types of women, who breastfeed their child or formula-feed their child actually get the same amount of sleep.

While talking about the finding of the study, the Lead Author, Hawley Montgomery-Downs, an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of the Behavioral Neuroscience Program, West Virginia University has stated that there is next to negligible evidence to prove that women who breastfeed their newborn, sleep less.

According to Montgomery-Downs, the study did not find any kind of a difference in the sleeping hours of women who breastfed their child and those who provided their child, with the formula-feed. The new finding of the study means that parents of newborn babies would not have to worry about the lack of sleep because of breastfeeding in the first few months after the delivery.

However, the reason, why breastfed babies are regarded to be more demanding is because a mother's milk is more easily digestible in contrast to the formula-feed given to babies, which results in breastfed babies waking up more times for more food.