Australian Obesity Problem ‘Blown Out of Proportion’

An expert while talking about the problem of obesity among Australian children has stated that the problem was not as worse, as had been presented to people. The expert has stated that the junk food tax would do little to improve the problem of obesity, as it was poverty because of which, people were opting for junk food.

Dr. Jennifer O'Dea, University of Sydney stated that obesity was more prevalent among low income families, rather than middle income or high income groups, as junk food costs were far less, in contrast to healthy food options.

She further announced that the tax on junk foods would only worsen the situation, as a tax on junk foods would put more strain on low income families. She felt that a more social approach was needed to fight the growing problem of obesity rather than straining people further by levying unjustified taxes on people.

Though, Dr. O'Dea does state that the growing problem of obesity was a major health-risk to Australians. Yet, she did feel that the whole situation had been blown out of proportions, as the problem was not as bad as it had been portrayed.

While talking about obesity, Dr. O'Dea also pointed out towards the statistics, which have been pretty much stable since the 1990s at around 6%.