Mammograms Save Lives

Middle-aged women would be a relieved lot, as a new state of the art digital technology would help provide quicker and more accurate results of a mammography. In order to make that technology available to more women, a program undertaken by the Sacred Heart Medical Center and Inland Imaging of Spokane known as the Women's Health Services Coach would provide breast screening to women on the 1st of November.

The coach is a mobile unit, which provides breast cancer screening of mammary glands and also checks the bone density of women to check the chances of osteoporosis in women.

Mammograms have often been referred as a god sent picture to detect early symptoms of breast cancer and provide timely treatment to the affected woman. It can identify any unregulated growth in the mammary glands within a time period of 15-minutes.

The procedure of conducting a mammogram involves the placement of breasts between two plates that compress together to check the breasts for any untoward growth by taking a picture. Though, mammograms do not reduce the chances of a woman developing breast cancer, but it can certainly save the life of a woman by detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

The new technique involves the enlargement of images to detect early signs of cancer in women and can detect even the slightest of irregularities, which was not possible earlier.