Research: Pain Relievers During Pregnancy May Harm Babies

Research findings from Denmark, Finland and France reveal that the consumption of common pain relievers during pregnancy might cause infertility problems to male babies. Certain over the counter drugs such as paracetamol or ibuprofen might disturb the development of the sex organs before the child is born.

Women, who consume pain killers regularly during their pregnancy, risk that their son's might suffer from undescended testicles which might lead to infertility or even cancer after they grew up.

The most harmful drugs are aspirin and ibuprofen and the most damaging consequences might result from a combination use of two different types of pain relievers.

Member of the University of Sheffield, Dr. Allan Pacey, commented on the alarming findings: "I doubt that anyone would have suspected that common painkillers would have these effects. It is worth noting the researchers found a significant difference when women had used painkillers for two weeks or more and that the impact was greatest when taking them during their second trimester".

The NHS and medical experts advise pregnant women to ideally avoid high consumption of pain relievers and in case of urgent need for pain relief, paracetamol is recommended as the least harmful substance to their embryos. Medical experts underline that one or two pain killers in case of a severe headache do not harm the baby.