World’s Leading Expert in ME/CFS to Come to New Zealand in Late November

Associated New Zealand ME Society (ANZMES) has invited world's leading expert in Myalgic Encephalopathy/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to visit their country.

Nancy Klimas, professor of Medicine, Psychology, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Miami School of Medicine will mark her presence in New Zealand in November. She will address the medical community and will inform them about the current advancements in the research, diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with ME/CFS. She will also throw light on the research that claims finding association of disease with xenotropic murine leukemia virusrelated virus (XMRV).

The disease Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome casts its effect for long-term and incapacitates the sufferer. As currently, the disease is not treatable and also, the accurate detection of the disease is not easy.

ME/CFS can affect anyone and in New Zealand, about 20,000 people are under the clutches of the disease. It has been estimated that it would affect 150,000 people in the UK and more than one million in the US.

Prof. Klimas will give lecturers in Auckland, Whangarei, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Wellington and Dunedin over a week's period from 21 to 30 November.

The study undertaken by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that there is a strong link between a group of murine leukemia viruses (MLV) and ME/CFS. The findings of the study can prove helpful in finding diagnosis tools and treatments for the disease.