Golez’s Agenda of “HOPE” after 100 Office Days

In line with Anthony Golez’s first 100 days in office as district Representative of Bacolod City, the politician announces several future projects that will guarantee to meet the goals promised before his inauguration.

The former professional doctor’s agenda of “HOPE” which stands for Health, Opportunity, Public Infra and Education should be partly realized through the modernization of Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Hospital (CLMMRH). The project aims to drastically increase the number of beds available to patients and even plans to construct a whole new complex for mothers and their children.

In order to provide even more access to first health care, Golez announces the plan of constructing three additional medical institutions worth approximately P4 to P5 million that should be located in Barangays Granada, Pahanocoy and Banago.

Further acts planned by Golez include the renovation of other regional hospitals, the equipment improvement of other health institutions and the reconstruction of school facilities.

Golez reveals his intentions: “What I have reported is just an add-on to my real purpose which is legislation. I already filed 28 house bills and when I go back to Congress, I will file another 25 bills with local and national importance”.

Golez underlines that such projects are not simply plans for the future but that their current implementation guarantees their full realization in upcoming years.