Yogathon to Raise Money and Spread Awareness about Lung Cancer

A number of people participated in the second-annual Free to Breathe Yogathon at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation in Pikesville that aims at spreading awareness about lung cancer and raising money for the cause.

Some people joined the event in remembrance of their loved ones. There were messages written on the back of the participants that showed their purpose of participation.

The participants carried out one `sun salutation' after the other and they had to complete 108 salutations during the afternoon, as according to yogic philosophy, 108 is the finishing point. The registration cost to join the event was $30 to $35 per person. But, some other people pooled additional money also.

As per the National Lung Cancer Partnership, lung cancer is the major cause of deaths among men and women in Maryland.

Before the start of the yoga session, Dr. Martin Edelman, a University of Maryland oncologist stated that though lung cancer is highly prevalent but it gained less popularity being associated with smoking. But, there are 10-15% of people with no smoking background, who get affected by lung cancer.

One of the participants Deborah Goodman took part in the event in the memory of his mother, who succumbed to lung cancer 16 years ago.

Edelman and Dr. Mayer Gorbaty of Northwest Hospital talked about a recent study that claimed finding CT scans that can examine tumours earlier in older and heavy smokers and thus, can save their life.

In 2009, lung cancer took life of nearly 159,390 people, which is more than the total people killed by breast, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancer, as per the National Cancer Institute.