Disgruntled iPhone owner drags Apple to court over iOS 4 issue

Several Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS owners have been grumbling over the iOS 4, claiming the software it results into frozen unlock screens, fast draining of battery and slow keyboard response time.

One of the deeply disgruntled customers, San Diego resident Bianca Wofford has dragged Apple to court over the issue. She claimed that iOS 4 left her iPhone 3GS handset totally ineffectual and that the manufacturer offered no recourse outside of purchasing a new iPhone 4. She added that jailbreaking her phone to downgrade it to some version of iOS 3 would void her warranty.

The complainant added that Apple had knowledge that the new software would cause problems on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but it went on releasing the ahead awkward update.

The complainant added that she would have never upgraded her phone to the iOS4 if she had known that the software would cause problems to her handset.

Bianca Wofford is demanding unspecified damages along with $5,000 for every person whose handset was degraded by iOS 4. In addition, she is seeking an injunction on company's running marketing of the software.

At the time of iOS 4's release in June, Apple had announced that some of the new features like that of multitasking would not work on iPhone 3G.