Scientists Hails Their Test For Lab-created Blood

Canadian scientists are hailing their successful laboratory test to effectively convert ordinary skin cells into adult blood cells.

The success is deemed as a major breakthrough in the field of medical sciences that could yield new sources of blood for transfusions.

The test was conducted by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. It is cited that the robust test could serve as a basis for permitting a patient needing blood following his surgery or chemotherapy. Besides, it could serve as a boon for patients with blood disorders such as anemia.

Deemed as a backup supply of blood produced using a small patch of one's own skin, this method can assist in warding off the risk related to rejection of blood from a donor by one's immune system.

Michael Rudnicki, scientific director of the Canadian Stem Cell Network and director of the Regenerative Medicine Program at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, posted: "That one can play with the fate of a cell and force it sideways into something that it doesn't at all resemble, and then being able to use it, is tremendously exciting".

Researchers augur that the lab-grown blood will fully come in medical practice for humans in the next two years.