Explosives found stitched inside the dogs bound for the US

It has emerged that in Iran, the AL-Qaeda operatives tried to blow up a US-bound airplane by deploying two dogs. According to a report in Le Figaro, the respected French daily newspaper, the plan failed due to the death of the two dogs, as the bombs were badly stitched.

According to the Christopher Naudin, who is the French criminologist and an aviation security expert, the case shows the determination of the Al-Qaeda organization, who want to spread terrorism at any cost. According the New York Post, the plot was revealed before two years, when the terrorists from the Al-Qaeda organization picked up two stray dogs from the streets and implanted powerful bombs in them.

Then they placed these dogs in kennel carrier and booked on a flight to USA from Bagdad Airport. On theBagdad airport, US soldiers, who were manning the cargo area of the airport, noticed that the two dogs were dead, before the dogs were put abroad the flight.

When checked for the cause of the death, they retrieved the explosives and the detonators which were stitched inside the body of the dogs.