Chinese president signs several deals in Paris

During his visit to Paris, the Chinese President Hu Jintao signed many business deals with the companies operating in France.

While the deals that have been signed by Jintao will amount to close to billions of euros, it is to be mentioned here that the terms of the deals signed also include sale of more than 100 Airbus aircrafts. It may be noted here that the Airbus deal will alone amount for close to 10 billion Euros besides the nuclear and telecom agreement signed by the Chinese President. For the record, Jintao was greeted on arrival which was hosted by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

However, experts are of a view that since the Chinese president was in the country for a period of just three days, the western media hardly got any chance to question the Chinese president on issues of Human rights and Tibetan freedom.

China's deputy Foreign Minister, Fu Ying said that Hu's sole agenda for this visit will only revolve around business opportunities. Hu has already signed agreements worth $14 billion and it is expected that China will increase its imports from France in the coming years.