The French Triumph at Abu Dhabi’s first race meeting

Last night, there was sense of joie de vivre around the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club as the France's visiting delegation left a lasting impression on the people.

The hosts had invited a French delegation of four trainers and eight jockeys to attend the final race of the Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Global Arabian Flat Racing Festival. Also this was the first meeting of the UAE capital race season.

The reason of the celebration of the French delegation was also the fact that their compatriots won 4 of the six races run last night. The first race of the racing season was won by Burkan al Asayl, the three year colt who was trained by French trainer Philippe Barbe.

The three year old colt was ridden by the French jockey David Badel in the first event which was 1,300 meter race and is owned by the President of UAE.

The same team won in the second race when Noor Einy, which is 3 year old filly came first in the second race. The filly is also owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayad, who is the President of the UAE.