Farmers left with egg on faces after fatty food fight

For the ones who constantly keep tab on their cholesterol levels, Canadian researchers have claimed that consuming single egg might be more harmful than taking in the current king of fast food indulgences.

The latest report released in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology sates that one egg yolk can contain more cholesterol than a KFC Double Down sandwich.

It is stated that 150 milligrams of cholesterol is present in a sandwich containing bacon, cheese and sauce sandwiched amidst two pieces of deep fried chicken. Study groups explain that a single egg can contain between 215 and 275 milligrams. A Big Mac on the other hand has merely 75 mg of cholesterol, while a foot long meatball sandwich from Subway packs 90 mg.

Diabetic patients complain of high levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol and suffer from a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

The finding relies on a series of studies which observes the connection between cholesterol consumption and eggs, as stated by the University of Western Ontario stroke prevention expert Dr. David Spence, nutrition expert Dr. David Jenkins of the Risk Factor Modification Centre at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, and cholesterol expert Dr. Jean Davignon of the Clinique de nutrition métabolisme et athérosclérose in Montreal.

Dr. Spence stated:"We wanted to put cholesterol into perspective, as there's been a widespread misconception developing among the Canadian public and even physicians, that consumption of dietary cholesterol and egg yolks is harmless. Much of this has to do with effective egg marketing."