Initial move in fighting obesity is new law

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally expressed out that pushing fast food restaurants in NSW to exhibit kilojoule add up on their menus was only the initial move in a nationwide campaign opposing obesity. At a press meeting in Sydney's south on Sunday, Ms Keneally exhibit an Australian first at a McDonald's eatery.

As they consent with the Green Party that salt and saturated fat substances shall also be exhibited. Surely, by the Heart Foundation and more organizations there is a worry that they do want to offer consumers with a broad range of information. Fat and Salt is part of that as expressed by Ms Keneally.

Whatever they have expressed presently is that exhibition of kilojoules is an initial move. This offer shall be arriving into existence in February as further added by her.

Ms Keneally expressed out that the fresh laws shall be checked out by a reference squad that originated from last Augusts’ Fast Food Forum. This reference squad shall be monitoring the offer and supply them with the news and suggestions and let them know if modification needed to be done.