Metaflex could find its way into next-generation handheld cameras

British scientists’ recent invention, Metaflex, which can manipulate light and makes things invisible, could one day be used in handheld cameras.

Metaflex, a remarkable breakthrough that could help develop Real-life Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak or any other clothing that could render objects invisible by bending and channeling light.

Ortwin Hess, of the Imperial College London, who is a well-known authority in the field of metamaterials, is of the view that next generation lenses in handheld cameras could benefit from the Metaflex in case its optical properties become sensitive to movement.

Previously, researchers were struggling to create smart flexible materials, but were facing problems because visible light’s short wavelength demands the metamaterial atoms to be very small. But, this problem has greatly been solved by the British scientists.

Metaflex will grab light and flow it smoothly around the cloak instead of striking it, rendering the person or object concealed beneath it and make it invisible to the human eyes.