Bedbugs Found In Sask. Hospital

A northern Saskatchewan hospital has found bedbugs in two different areas of the hospital, which it is believed were brought in by patients. This has led to officials monitoring the hospital for bedbugs, which reportedly showed up in two rooms at the Prince Albert's Victoria Hospital, earlier this week.

Dr. Khami Chokani, the Medical Health Officer for the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region reports an extermination of the bedbugs has been carried out in the rooms, which after seven days will once again be cleaned and necessary remediation with pest control conducted.

This is in the event the bedbugs laid any eggs, including getting rid of any new ones who may have made their homes in the rooms.

Chokani says, while the two rooms have been thoroughly cleaned, the rest of the hospital still remains to be inspected, considering bedbugs are such experts in hiding themselves, which means the monitoring at the hospital will go on for two long weeks.

Over a hundred patients visit the hospital in a day, which is why Chokani said it is impossible to find out which patients were responsible for bringing in the bedbugs.

Allaying concerns, Chokani emphasized bedbugs posed no danger to patients, as there was no evidence of them being vectors of diseases.

An increase in global travel, including the ban on certain pesticides, experts believe could be partly to blame for the spread of bedbugs in recent years.