Lung cancer cases can be reduced by early scans

It has been found out that, lungs cancer can be curable if detected and scanned at right time. Researchers have declared that the screening of lungs cancer can be helpful in terms of saving the life of the patient. The demonstration of the same has been conducted by the researchers and it was ended up successfully.

Although everything went well and the test was successful but the Australian experts are apprehending that the process may not be acceptable in terms of cost effectiveness.

They have informed that the screening process is a high cost affaire and it could not be implemented as a national program by the government.

However, US scientists have undergone a long-term study on the lungs cancer to find out the difference between the technologies so that the disease can be detected at right time. After the computed tomography (CT) scan it has been found out that lung cancer death rate can be reduced to around 20%. But the main obstacle of this process is the huge cost involved in it.