Irrigation upgrade greeted by Groups

Industry grouping have greeted the 2nd part of a project to improve leaky irrigations systems in the Goulburn Valley district in Victoria's north.

The Goulburn-Murray irrigation district wastes approximately 800 billion litres of water yearly by evaporation, seepage, leakage and incompetence in its ageing infrastructure.

Further than 7600 irrigation properties in the district are predictable to assistance from the up gradation.

The National Irrigators Council (NIC) and the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) have supported the federal government's financial support of nearly $1 billion for the improvement.

NIC chief executive Danny O'Brien expressed that the investment allows a muscular future for irrigation districts and shall assist in getting back the balance essential in the planned Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Mr. O'Brien expressed out that they offer more water for the environment and they permit the farmers to remain producing at the similar rate with little water.

That is having important flow-on profits for the larger community as it signifies that there is the similar quantity of product milk, fruit, wine and grains happening by local packing sheds