Polio outburst in Congo-Brazzaville Hits Young Adults

In a month ago, in Congo-Brazzaville it was found that at least two cases of polio and more than 100 cases of paralysis. All over the country a vaccination campaign is launched by authorities to curtail the outbreak.

The principal advisor for child survival and development for the United Nations Children's Fund's West and Central Africa office, Guido Borghese says that it is possible the outbreak is much more widespread.

Borghese alleged that yesterday they have confirmation of two cases, but in total there are 120 cases of paralysis and 58 deaths have been reported. And yet many cases have not been confirmed, but it is expected that they will be also caused by the polio virus. He said again that up to now only two cases have been confirmed among the 120 cases.

Borghese said that mainly these cases are occurring in young adults ages 15 to 25 and till now no children have been reported as having the virus.

He said that the people who are affected by the epidemic are young adults above the age of fifteen, and in fact, fifteen years ago these people were not immunized, as the situation of the country was quite unsteady.