Come together to struggle for Fair Asbestos Compensation

Trade union Unite are ready to commence the struggle for compensation for mesothelioma patients to the Supreme Court.

A current Court of Appeal ruling determined that insurer's liability starts not with the breath of asbestos dust but by the growth of the lethal cancer mesothelioma.

Although the killer sickness can consume decades to come in notice in the lungs of patients opened to asbestos fibers this ruling signifies that thousands of patients shall not be allowed to compensation.

1 of the cases that was studied by the Court of Appeal included the `Excess Insurance Company', those who are insuring steel erectors Humphreys & Glasgow during the sixties, the firm finished trading in 1992.

Charles O'Farrell who was working for Humphreys & Glasgow, died in 2003 as a effect of contact with asbestos but Excess Insurance maintained that they were not legally responsible as the phrasing of their policy expressed that an worker had to maintain injury while the period they were in service of the company.