Halifax Humane Society Kicks off ‘Power of 10’ Campaign

The Halifax Humane Society, which was established 73 years ago, has worked long and hard towards the goal of reducing the suffering of pets and farm animals. The group has been successful, thanks to cooperation and putting their resources to the best possible use.

Around this time every year, the Halifax Human Society call upon its supporters to come together and contribute what they can in order to keep the mission going. This year’s campaign is called ‘The Power of 10’.

The campaign is quite straightforward. The Human Society asks people to donate $10, then challenge 10 friends to do the same. The public is invited to register their ‘Power of 10 Team’ online, where they can also donate, set up their own team web page or get more information on the difference that one donation can make in the lives of animals. Each team that successfully makes ten $10 donations receives an ‘I am a Perfect Ten’ t-shirt.

The $10 will go towards providing emergency medical care to animals that would otherwise not get treatment necessary to survive. The funds will also help to house and help over 13,000 lost or abandoned animals.

To register or to get more information on The Power of 10, log on to firstgiving com hhspowerof10.