School Children made aware of Breast Cancer

In line with October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, last Friday, 200 students of Melwood Elementary School gathered outside the school building in shape of a pink ribbon.

Briana Taylor is one of the pupils who raised awareness for cancer and remembers her grandmother who has been a victim of ovarian cancer. The girl points out that it is a positive development to learn about cancer at school and initiate such collective events. She underlines: "It helped people understand about breast cancer. It means a lot to me that people do this for cancer."

Many of the children who were dressed in pink shirts in order to form a human pink ribbon have family members who dot diagnosed with cancer. Educational experts underline the importance to students to share their painful experiences with each other and their teachers also to foster emotional ties in the school environment.

Some of the students additionally visited a medical institution in order to regard women with a breast cancer diagnosis with cookies and flowers. Their accompanying teacher, Grace Gutridge, praises the trip: "This has opened their eyes. It's an awareness everyone needs to have."

The children profited from the trip by gaining awareness and motivation to maybe find a cure to the cruel disease in the future.