Psych Clinic Inquiry Commences

A psychiatric clinic patient, 42-year-old Alastair McLeod had died April last year after hanging himself in his room at the Hobart Clinic. This clinic is a voluntary psychiatric facility on the eastern shore.

His death is being probed by the Coroner's Court in Hobart. The court was told that the patients had been sent to the hospital after he was found to have some with drug and alcohol problems. The voluntary psychiatric clinic had asked him not to leave the clinic without their permission.

Gerard Kirkham, Counsel assisting the coroner said that Mr. McLeod had a car crash and had disappeared from the clinic for fear of being caught and put in the jail. He is said to have died the very next day of his disappearance.

The next morning he returned to his home and was found hanging by a staff member. While the court was told that Mr. McLeod was cut down, however some nurses asserted that they had failed to find a pulse and did not try to resuscitate him.

Matthew Cane, one of the four ambulance officers, who had attended to the patient, said that it was very good to start CPR within four to five minutes. He further said that Mr. McLeod was a young, fit male and could have been saved even after half an hour.