’Make Cancer Screening Available for Women of Age Group 40’

Yvonne Jones Newfoundland and Labrador's Liberal leader is said to have taken a leave as Opposition leader in August for the treatment of cancer. At present she is said to be supporting the screening of breast cancer for all women in the age group of 40.

She is said to be leading a national campaign intended to lower the suggested ages for breast cancer screening. In an attempt to avoid the unnecessary medical procedures and costs, experts are said to have suggested that annual mammograms for women should be conducted only when they turn 50.

Jones, 42, asserts that since there has been a change in cancer therefore there is need to change the age limit.

"More and more women my age are getting breast cancer. Many will take too long to get screened and therefore not receive the early diagnosis that gives them the best chance at beating it”, said Jones.

Jones is due to begin with her next round of chemotherapy on Thursday and is said to have raised the issue with Premier Danny Williams. She also plans to introduce a private member's bill in the house of assembly this fall.

This campaign intends to convince every legislature to make breast cancer screening available to women in the age of 40-onwards.