Australia: Dengue Cases in Cairns

Dr. Jeffrey Hanna, Queensland Health spokesman, reports a dengue outbreak in North Queensland due to two 19 infection cases.

Cairns’ health officials now initiate the professional distribution of mosquito spray in households to prevent a further outbreak. "With permission of the householders, [mosquito control people] are spraying the insides of homes if they're close to where these sick people have been”, says a responsible.

The health expert assigns tourism especially from Bali as one main factor that brings the disease to Australia. She underlines: "Of course we welcome international travelers, but if they are infected with dengue fever while they’re here, there is a chance that they will pass it to our mosquitoes”.

The health spokesperson reveals, however, that first mosquito samples trace just a few dengue mosquitoes and the infection cases will not lead to a major dengue outbreak.

The role of the responsibly acting citizens concerning this issue is positively commented on by Hanna: "Some of that is based on the treatments that were applied at the time but some of it is certainly community awareness and the community getting on-side and doing the right thing as well”.