Premier Keneally Defends Working of Hospitals in NSW

The Premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally has come out in defense of medical facilities in the state after an audit into the working of hospitals in Western Sydney gave a negative result. Premier Keneally has stated that there was nothing to prove that waiting lists in the state were being fabricated.

An audit of the Sydney West Area Health Service by the Government had found the workers in the facility had categorized many patients as ‘not ready for care’ to keep the number of people on the waiting list down. The opposition has asked the government to conduct an inspection of all the medical facilities in the state, after the incident was reported.

The Health Spokeswoman for the Opposition, Jillian Skinner while talking to the media regarding the incident has stated that the real question for the Health Minister of the state was to check, how many people were on the waiting list in reality. In response however, Premier Keneally has announced that there was no need to panic in the situation as there were no signs to tell that falsification of waiting list numbers was prevalent in the state.

She defended the health system by stating that the incidence was because of the centralized booking system being observed by the health authorities in the area and was limited to that one facility. She added the problem had been rectified as soon as it was found by the doctors.