Ant Bite Almost Claims Life

A 75-year-old was reportedly bit by a jumping jack ant which is believed to be common in the area, yesterday afternoon, which almost claimed his life. The Wandiligong man was however taken to the hospital after he fell unconsciousness in his garden.

While the ambulance officers from Bright were able to stabilize the patient, a helicopter and a Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance too had been dispatched.

Bright paramedic Michael Costolloe said that the man's severe reaction to the bite had come out to be very dangerous. He was said to be having an EpiPen which he utilized himself.

“However, there was too much venom going on and it was not enough for him, so he was unconscious when we go there, no blood pressure and a very weak heart rate”, he said.

He at present is in the hospital and is fast recovering, say sources. Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said that he had been bitten several times before but never had he faced such serious consequences.

He said they had arranged for a helicopter too which could take him to Melbourne but it was cancelled after the paramedics managed to stabilize him.