Undercover Victorian Police Officers Caught up in Drug Probe

Alleged drug and fraud offences on Victorian police officers have resulted in the resignation of one such officer and suspension of the other.

The Ethical Standards Department (ESD) is said to be investigating the whole matter, says Police spokeswoman Senior Constable Jo Stafford.

However, much is still not known about the officers, the only thing which has been confirmed by her is that the suspended officer worked undercover.

The spokesman said: "Victoria Police can confirm that two senior constables are currently suspended from duty pending the outcome of an Ethical Standards Department investigation into drug and dishonesty offences”.

Further comments are believed to be inappropriate by the spokesman but she has said that the resignation of one of the officers ahs been accepted.

There are concerns that this might have put an effect on the other officers working undercover. Some compromises are sure to have been made by the senior constable concerning the secret probes into some of Victoria's most prolific and dangerous criminals.

Security breaches are found to be some of the reasons behind which all the cases present and past which involved undercover Victoria Police will now have to be reviewed.

The Ethical Standards Department probe has failed to put forth any such evidences which would suggest the selling of secrets to the criminals by the officers.