Advanced Melanoma Likely to be Cured

Over 1200 Australians every year die because of Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. This disease, however, can be cured with surgery but once it spreads beyond the skin, it becomes incurable.

All kinds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments then become ineffective.

In the next few days, Timothy McDonald is due to put froth reports which are likely to offer some hope to people suffering from advanced melanoma.

It has been seen that for some people removal of this cancer from the skin is quite easy, but for the others with advanced melanoma, the cancer is seen to spread into the brain or liver.

Richard Kefford from the Melanoma Institute of Australia says that in advanced melanoma, the cells become resistant to traditional forms of anti-cancer treatment with radiation therapy and chemotherapy drugs.

These cells are believed to possess very noteworthy defense mechanisms against being killed by those drugs, hence making the treatment impossible.

"It is a very important breakthrough but it is not a cure; the patients nearly always relapse at some point, but it is a huge building block as we had nothing [and] now we have this”, he said.