Roxon Asks Government to Forget Differences

Despite all other states and territories signing up for the plan, WA Premier Colin Barnett refuses to do the same. He is believed to be negligent to hand over 30% of his state's GST to fund the plan.

On the other hand, Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon intends to put a stop to all the variances which have emerged between Canberra and Western Australia over a national hospitals funding plan.

For the promotion of Government's health reform plans, Ms. Roxon is at present on a two-day visit to Perth. She says that she is quite hopeful that the deal will be successful and be reached with the Barnett Government.

Ms. Roxon said that as per the new plan the Federal Government would take on a bigger share of growing health costs. If in case the WA government approved the whole thing and signed it, as much as $350 million could then be spent n the improvement of health services and facilities in WA.

She further added "We hope to be able to reach an agreement where both of us will have to in some way step away from the positions we currently have or we will not have a resolution”.

She said all that she really cared about was the best way in which they could work together and achieve beneficial health outcomes. Therefore it was very important for the Barnett government and the Federal Government to forget everything and work to benefit the community.