Swine Flu Still Claiming Lives

The Public Health Agency is said to have confirmed the death of a child in Northern Ireland who had been diagnosed with swine flu a week before. This child was a student of Ceara School in Lurgan, a school which catered to children suffering from severe learning disabilities.

“The PHA would like to extend its deepest sympathy to the family of this child. This death is a reminder that flu infection can cause serious complications, and indeed death, in those with certain underlying medical conditions”, said an agency spokeswoman.

However, this causality is not the only one. Northern Ireland has reported some twenty deaths in last year's swine flu outbreak which comprised of various deaths of children with severe learning difficulties.

The vaccine released this year is believed to protect against three strains of flu, including H1N1 and all children with severe learning difficulties, attending schools must be immunized. All the parents and all GPs have been ordered by the agency to get immunized as soon as possible.

At present however, no confirmation has been received saying that the flu is circulating widely in the community yet it does not mean that it isn’t.

The spokesman has asked everyone to get the immunization and make sure that the outbreak does not any more lives.